About us

Ah, so you want to know more about us, ‘ey?


Well, sit back, kick those feet up and sip on your hot chocolate (slurrp). This, my dear reader, is a story unlike any other you’ve probably heard before…

Our story began on an Autumn evening in 2018. My Mother – had been scrolling for hours looking for Home decors and kitchen stuff in the net.


Her frustration was mounting. Page after page, everything eluded her. Eventually, she let out a mighty cry. Hands directed to the heavens, My mother bellowed, “Why isn’t there an online store that simply has What am looking for?!”.

so this is the idea am looking for this Soldify easy website post simple and good quality product for home decorating…Kind RegardsSOLDIFY-TEAM

Our Team:

Mr MohammedBenlahcen = CEO m7md.work1@gmail.com

Mr Anouar Benlahcen = social media manager

Mr Mohammed Benloidi = marketing

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