Sofa Seamless Fixed Paste


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Strong Self Adhesive Fastener Tape Dots Magic Stickers Nylon for Bed Sheet Sofa Fixed Mat Seamless Cushion Paste Pad Tape


    • Popular daily helper, hoop and loop magic stickers.

    • Both hook and loop stickers has super sticky back, strong self-adhesive effect, helps to stick items firmly.

    • Waterproof adhesive glue, no need to worry about water interruption.

    • Plastic film back material, easy to peel off the stickers from the paper roll.

    • Strong sticky to most smooth surface, but please avoid sticking it to furry, lumpy, dirty surface.

    • Wood, wall, board, paper, folders, car, bag, metal, glass, plastic with smooth surface is ideal for sticking on.

    • Perfect for hanging educational items, paper, posters, maps, photos, pictures, etc.

    • May your wisdom find out every usage of these hooks and loops in your life.


    • Material: Polyester, Nylon

    • Size(approx.): 6x6cm

    • Please allow tiny size deviations due to human measurement.

    • Furry, lumpy, dirty, powdery surface may weaken the adhesive force.

Package Included
1x (10,20,30,40,50pcs)Strong Self Adhesive Fastener Magic Stickers Nylon for Bed Sheet Sofa





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