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Material: Non-drying glue

Style: Santa Claus

Size: Character 20*24.6 cm, arm 20*3 cm

Applicable place: wiper

Patterns: Santa Claus


Installation method of small car sticker (dry sticker method):

1. Clean the body and keep it dry.


2. Identify the location that needs to be posted. Generally speaking, stick it slowly, scrape it flat with tools and uncover the base paper at the same time.


3. If the graphics are really small, you can tear off all the stickers and paste them again, but be careful not to accidentally adhere to them.


4. After pasting, scrape and press repeatedly. Remove the transparent transfer film.


5. Scratch a knife with an artistic knife on the door and sewing and cover it inward.


6. Do not allow any separation or protrusion between the sticker and the body.


Installation Method of Large Vehicle Paste (Wet Paste): Tools: Washing Cloth, Sprinkler, Scraper or Credit Card

1. Clean the car body and sprinkle water evenly on the body parts to be attached to reduce the sticker viscosity and adjust the position conveniently.


2. Identify the location that needs to be posted. Slowly sticking, gently scraping with tools, while uncovering the base paper.


3. When encountering doorknobs or anti-friction strips, the material should be cut and wrapped according to the situation.


4. Adjust appropriately and make sure the general position of the figure is correct, then scrape water and bubbles repeatedly.


5. Scratch a knife with an artist’s knife on the door and sewing, and affix it to the inside.


6. Do not allow any separation or protrusion between the sticker and the body.


7. Make the moisture in the sticker dry as far as possible, and can be heated and dried moderately if conditions permit. According to the weather, wash the car in a day or two. 


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