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Nobody cares about Gus

Nobody cares about Gus

A homeless dog at the Carson Animal Services facility in California is longing to be loved, but after more than a month, the overlooked dog seems to be out of luck. The dog, six-year-old Gus, appears to be the victim of abuse.

An advocate who has met Gus writes:

"I finally got to take him out last weekend and fell in love. He’s about 6 yrs old and came into the shelter as a stray on July 11th. Gus had a cone for awhile due to something with his eyes, every time I walked by him he looked so sad.
When I got him out of his kennel, he had the biggest smile and did a few bursts over to the play yard. Gus appears to have (what looks like) chemical burns all over his face, which could explain his eyes too. When I first petted Gus, he seemed a little startled, so we went slow and were best buds in no time"

Gus is undoubtedly sad – someone hurt him badly and now he is completely alone and apparently unwanted. Gus longs for a person to love him, but he spends his days alone in a kennel run at the busy animal control agency.
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